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Pauly Shore has Lethbridge audience in an uproar

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Las Angeles comedian Pauly Shore had a full house at Average Joes howling through his set of “pornedy” — a term a just I
Pauly Shore entertains full Average Joes. Photo by Richard Amery made up to describe a set filled with sexual explicit, graphic and hilarious jokes about sex and sex acts which were definitely not meant for the prudish, oversensitive or otherwise closed minded audience.
 But before Shore came on stage to the tune of rock and roll blasting through the speakers, he let some of his other “Jewish comedian friends” shine.
 National Lampoon writer and Mad TV star and  “the result of John Belushi and Jack  Black getting together and having a fucked up baby (his joke, not mine) Sandy Danto started first with a  strong set of comedy  mostly  related to weed, laziness, sweatpants and his own personal weight issues, illustrated by him baring his bare belly to the crowd.
He joked  all of his family are doctors, so he fell a long way from the family tree.
 But he couldn’t resist doing his own impersonation of Pauly Shore while telling the story of how he came to be opening for Shore, drunk at an airport bar and showing him his “Chris Farley as a phone sex line operator” impersonation.
Pauly Shore came on stage to rousing cheers and announced he wanted to run for mayor of Lethbridge. He spoke about his popular ’90s movies did a couple of the more popular lines, did his “weasle”, which reappeared throughout the set, then joked “taking a 15 year hiatus from movies was long enough.” 
After a long set of jokes about being in the clubs and  hooking up with girls, he wondered aloud where he lost the crowd though he had a crowd of girls in the front row howling throughout. He observed the many camera flashes going off and said he was surprised when people ask him if it is all right to take his picture.
 He also had a strong politically themed set about what Barack Obama probably sounds like talking ghetto when not giving a speech to the cameras.
“I think it would be funny if Barack Hussein Obama actually turned out to be a terrorist,” he laughed, adding an impersonation of George Bush Jr  saying “I told you. You think I’m stupid, well you’re stupider.”
 He also had a strong set about turning 42.
“I’m at my intermission,” he observed adding a list of “when I was your age” observations  including “ When I was your age, I didn’t steal music off the internet, I went to the music store and stole the music,” he laughed.
 He poked a lot of fun at himself noting “I don’t have a girlfriend,” and asking the girls in the front row if they would want to be his girlfriend, to around of rousing cheers
“You wouldn’t even look at me if I wasn’t in movies and TV,” he laughed adding he wanted to do a sequel to Encino Man “I Called (co-star) Sean Astin and he didn’t know who I was, then I called Brendan Fraser and he said he wasn’t even in Encino Man,” Shore laughed before winding up the show just after 9:30 p.m.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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