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Blow those blues away this week

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Blow those grey day blues away with  some wicked shows this week.Papa King
 In addition to the Joys and Bluessmyth, who will be bringing their special brands of blues influenced rock and roll to the Slice, more traditional blues enthusiasts will want to see a great show on Oct. 24 at the Slice with Winnipeg acoustic blues god Big Dave McLean who is in the middle of another extensive tour with Toronto based American transplant Doc MacLean. Local acoustic bluesman Papa King will be opening the show. Tickets cost $10.
At Henotic the same night,  the JPS Trio including John Paul Smith, Dino Scavo and Kyle Harmon,  will be filming their show for an upcoming video. They are looking for a crowd  who is ready, willing and able  to party their faces off and be filmed doing it. Tickets cost $10 to hear  this excellent rock and roll band.
If you want to dance, Hippodrome will be bringing the funk to the Slice on Oct. 23.

Speaking of cool shows, if you were at the South Country Fair this year you will remember the rootsy, wild, weirdness that was the Hank and Lily Show. If you missed them then, don’t miss them Oct. 29 at Henotic when they will be playing with the Secretaries. With that in mind. L.A. Beat has two tickets to give away to the first person to e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the answer to this question:
 What is the name of Hank and Lily’s  back up singers? Hint it is in L.A Beat’s archives. And the answer is not Jenny Whiteley or the Secretaries.

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Popes frontman cleans up life for new tour and CD

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Going to prison ended up being a blessing in disguise for Irish punk legends the Popes’ guitarist/vocalist Paul “Mad Dog” McGuinness who is enjoying taking his Paddy punk legends on the road to Canada with the Mahones. McGuinness has known Mahones frontman Finny McConnell for many years. The Popes, the Mahones and Delinquints along with DJ Ray Gange play the Slice tomorrow (Oct. 14).

Paul (Mad Dog) McGuinnessHe wrote the music for the Popes’ latest CD “Outlaw Heaven” while doing a five month stint in prison but wanted to break away from the band’s more traditional Irish sound because  Popes’ banjo player  Tommy McManaman was the driving force behind that before he passed away at the end of 2006.

“We’re rebranding ourselves. We’re not a Celtic band, we’re a rock band that sounds Irish,” McGuinness said, explaining while the new music retains an Irish influence, there are a lot of other sounds incorporated into it.

“Five years ago,  the Popes ground to a halt when Tommy died. We’re letting people know the Popes are back. We felt it was time to go to the next level. He was a huge part of that sound,” McGuinness said, adding he always liked Thin Lizzy, a  another Irish rock band who retained traditional influences.

“ I spent five months in prison but it turned into a positive experience. I had a fairly serious alcohol and drug problem. There was lots of time to realize  I was pretty lucky to be playing music for a living and that I was not making the most of my opportunities,”  he said adding he is already working on music for the next Popes’ CD.

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Paddy punkers’ paradise

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Next year Kingston Paddy punkers  the Mahones are giving themselves an early 20th birthday present by recording a new CD  called “Black Irish” at the end of the year as well as touring with one their idols — the Popes as well as the Delinquints and DJ Ray Gange who was in the Clash movie “Rude Boy”.
This tour stops by the Slice tomorrow night (Oct. 14). Tickets cost $20.The Mahones’ Finny McConnell and The Popes’ Paul (Mad Dog) McGuinness.

“It’s nice to be part of the club,” enthused Ireland born Mahones frontman Finny McConnell enjoying a day off  in Canmore with his 16 tour mates.

“You know you’ve made it when you’re friends with the guys you’ve looked up to as a kid. We’re touring with a group of guys from the United Kingdom who have never seen mountains before, so we have 16 guys running around with cameras,” McConnell chuckled, adding his dad owned a couple Irish pubs so McConnell  wasn’t into Irish music when he was young. He turned to punk music until he saw the Pogues and the Popes which combined the two sounds. Shane McGowan formed the Popes after leaving the Pogues.

The Mahones formed in 1990 and since had a string of popular songs  including “Drunken Lazy Bastard,” “Draggin’ the Days,” and “The Queen and Tequila.”

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Blues is something to be thankful for

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Papa King and Tyler Bird. Photo By Richard AmeryBlues fans had something to be thankful for Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 13 at Henotic — a fantastic blues show with local favourite Papa King and Juno Award winner Morgan Davis.
Acoustic bluesman Papa King  and bassist Tyler Bird started his solid set of acoustic , finger picked acoustic blues just after 8 p.m. with a King original “Busy Boy Blues,” followed it up with a version of “Key to the Highway,” and then one of my favourite King originals “Beale Street Blues.”
His baritone voice sounded somewhat like Dr. John as he introduced the receptive crowd to some  excellent originals which warmed them up for the main event Morgan Davis. Papa King will be opening for Big Dave McLean and Doc MacLean at the Slice, Oct. 24.

Get ready to rock for four days straight

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October is the month to rock at Henotic. There will be 30 bands playing over four days from Oct. 14-17 on both levels of the building including a lot of local acts plus a few are making their public debuts.

“This is the first time we’ve done Rocktoberfest,” said organizer Paul Lawton emphasizing it is not just garage rock bands performing. He has been behind several big multi-band festivals including  Sled Island South and Mammoth Cave Fest.The Necessities are among several local bands playing Rocktoberfest this week. photo By Richard Amery

“Sled Island south was poorly attended but since Sled island (in Calgary) has shown a strong commitment to Lethbridge bands, we’ll do it again. For now we’ll  do Rocktoberfest,” he continued.
Some of the highlights include a return visit from Regina rockers the Hot Blood Bombers and a trio of popular Vancouver bands, You Say Party, We Say Die, Shearing Pinx and Ahna. He is looking forward to seeing the Sublinguals, who opened for King Khan and the Shrines recently plus DCT from Toronto. As well as the Sharp Ends. “ They are going to be huge when they break,” he said.

Plus there are a lot of local bands including the Moby Dicks, the Neccessities, Planet Telex, Jesse and the Dandelions, the Square Waves, Smoke Stack Jacks plus newer bands including They Dead, Chief Mountain, Under the White Dime and Skull Train to Hell Town, which is made up for former members of the the New Danger Kids and Ife from the Creationists, who Lawton is especially looking forward to seeing.

“That’s going to be really good. And Shearing Pinx are  one of the biggest bands in underground music. They put on a very good live show,” Lawton said adding Rocktoberfest includes half local and half out of town bands.

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