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Roderick Watt and the Clapping Monkeys
Fri, Jan 28


Time: 8:30

Caver: none or

Roderick Watt was raised in Waterton Park Alberta. He grew up loving the outdoors, nature, and the Rocky Mountains, but most of all he grew up loving music. At the young age of 5 he began playing the piano. Practicing everyday before & after school, his friends and family soon realized he was a natural composer. When he turned 12 he picked up the Clarinet and soon took the lead position in the High School Band. His role as lead Clarinet allowed him to branch out his musical versatility, by learning Classical and Celtic pieces.
After two years of playing Clarinet he quit the High School Band and found the Guitar. Immediately Roderick knew this was the instrument for him. He practiced daily up to 12 hours a day; he brought his guitar every where and played it for everyone. When he reached Grade 11 he formed his first Rock Band with two other friends from school. The band name was 4:20. Now playing both Bass and Guitar in the band he soon realized hew could sing. When Grade 12 arrived Roderick enrolled in classical guitar lessons at the University of Lethbridge. Once a week Roderick and a buddy named Tyler would drive over 300km round trip to take a 1 hour lesson. Those lessons developed Roderick into the clear and strong guitar player he is today.
After Graduation in 1999 the band split and Roderick began playing in numerous bands in the Waterton region. Working as a seasonal pizza chef Roderick still found time to sing and write songs on a daily basis. As well as perform in local bars, coffee shops, and parties. This part of Roderick life is where he learned how to write lyrics. He quit singing cover songs and began a focus on one thing, writing good songs.
In 2003 Roderick and two friends formed a band called the Automatic Wheel Barrows, The three played regularly in Waterton area during the summer months and by the spring 2005, the band was on the verge of turning many faces; however in the fall of 2005 the band broke up. Roderick then began a solo career.
Today Roderick is a full time musician in the winter months and works on the Trail Crew in Waterton Park in the summers. He just released his first professional album titled, The Acoustic Sessions. He plans to release his next album in the spring of 2010.


 The Clapping Monkeys are a Lethbridge alternative folk band.


Owl Acoustic Lounge
411 3rd Ave South
T1J 0H2
Country: ca


Lethbridge, AB

Owl is Lethbridge’s newest Lounge in the same building which had Mood, Squeaky’s Pub before and O Riley’s before that. They feature live acoustic music and excellent food. 

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